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Red Cross Movement
The Red Cross Movement was born out of the overwhelming compassion that a Swiss millionaire named Henry Dunant felt for the wounded in the tragic scenario of the Austria - Sardinia war . In the year 1859, he formed a volntreer force to help the wounded. In 1863 , Red Cross was formerly started in Geneva in Switzerland.
Though basically started with the primary objective of extending service to the wounded Soldiers of war and the victims of natural calamities, today the Red Cross Movement has extended its operation to humanitarian and social service activities during peace. Spread out over 130 countries, the movement has a membership of over 25 milion.
Our Services...
Smt. Sarasvatiben Savjibhai
Kothari Blood Bank
Smt. Manjulaben Bagmalbhai Parikh Pathological Laboratory  
Baby Pravinbhai Mehta Medical Examination Room  
Shri Bagmalbhai Laxmichand
Parikh Blood Component
AIDS Awarness Dept. Sponsored by Sahkari Khand Udyog Mandili Ltd. Gandevi  
Shri Makanji Govindji Patel & Smt. Taraben Makanji Patel Waiting Hall  
Valsad Jilla Dudh Utpadak Sangh Ltd. Vasudhara Dairy (Alipore)
Shri Chhotu Bhimbhai Desai Children Library  
  Welcome to Red Cross Society - Navsari District Branch
  Indian Red Cross Society, Navsari is a branch of Gujarat Red Cross and is connected through Indian Red Cross Society, Indian to International Red Cross and Red Cross Crescent Society, Geneva.
Blood Bank - Navsari
Sincer last 33 years, we are doing voluntary blood bank activity, distrubuting about 12000 units of safe blood to nearly 100 hospitals in and around Navsari district every year. Success of this endeaover is mainly due to our voluntary(non-remunerate) blood donors' and money donors.
We Work within strict rules made by Food and Drugs Administration and our license is renewed regularly. We are the only Blood bank in our town and District and no other professional blood bank is functionning in our area
The World Red Cross Day is celebrated every year on May 8 to emphasize the role of its members and volunteers in saving lives and aiding the defenseless communities around the world.
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